GROWTH Tailored to Meet Your Business Needs

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Your Cultivating Business Relationships program is the unique combination of GROWTH modules targeted to improve performance in alignment with your organizational priorities.

G     Groundwork for Commitment - though sporadic and potentially sparse, the trust-based partnerships already at play in your business can be a rich source of strength. Together we tap into that strength to make the cultivation of new trust-based partnerships a consistent, reliable and repeatable practice.

R      Recognize & Adapt - we help you till the corporate culture to unearth what in the environment may negate or nurture valuable stakeholder relationships.

O     Opt In & Trust - from customer satisfaction to employee engagement, business performance is profoundly impacted by trust. Leaders discover what is at the root of trust and learn to tap this lucrative source of personal and economic strength.

W     Widen Your Reach - personal influence, genuine intent, and the ability to motivate others to “get on board” is required for success. Leaders decide to be relationship cultivators knowing what it takes to grow their influence so they can effectively lead others in the pursuit of corporate priorities and the greater good.

T     Thrive & Triumph - there are practices the best relationship builders weave into their daily interactions with others. Thrive helps leaders be better connectors, integrative thinkers, and problem solvers. Triumph builds and strengthens the skills vital for innovation, connection, and collaboration including questioning, listening, storytelling, and the art of positive influence.

H     Harvest Results Now! - it takes time for relationships to blossom and bear fruit. But what about today’s objectives? While keeping a watchful eye on long term goals, people bite into a practical repeatable process for navigating organizational politics, creating coalitions, and achieving near-term gains!