Learning When It's Wanted Most

Challenges and opportunities do not wait until leaders attend scheduled workshops to rear their heads. They happen daily.  Leaders need ready access to relevant cutting edge tools, ideas, and skill-building so they can effectively address situations as they arise.

Your people also want to use time wisely; grabbing learning on the go - a train ride to work, in between meetings, or on a quiet Saturday afternoon. 

Training is most effective when people are motivated to learn - when they are faced with an immediate challenge or are exploring out of natural curiosity. The online learning found on the Ascendis Leadership Academy meets them where they are- when they are most motivated.

Create a Learning Journey

Behavior change happens over time. It's progressive. So, the learning experiences you provide your people should take them on a journey. There should be periods of intense collaboration and interactivity,  moments of rich one-on-one coaching, and time for individual discovery and introspection.

Contact us to learn more about how to craft effective engaging learning journeys for your leaders. We will share the secrets to successfully combining in-person or virtual workshops, online learning, and coaching.