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Getting Off the "Hero Today/Scapegoat Tomorrow" Roller Coaster

A Shared Services group was feeling the repercussions from trying to chase credibility solely through tactical execution of one-off deliverables.

They applied workshop principles and tools to proactively focus on relationship building.  Shifting from an “if they only understand us” mentality, they adopted and acted upon a new mindset, “Seek first to understand before seeking to be understood.” 

Result: The group transformed from “order takers” and “scapegoats” when things go wrong, to trusted partners. Their stakeholders declared them indispensable members of the team with mutual goals and objectives.


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They Get Us! They Really, Really Get Us!

Project Engineers responsible for multi-billion dollar budgets recognized the need to influence in the absence of formal authority in order to meet mission critical objectives. However, they walked out of an “off the shelf” program; disappointed in the lack of relevance to their world.

We interviewed all participants plus key members of the leadership team. Using their stories, we cost-effectively and quickly baked custom case studies into our program materials. In addition, workshop time was allocated for participants to apply learning immediately to their real-time situations.


Participants indicated the learning and coaching made the concepts and process come alive for them. They said it was highly relevant and relatable. The group was pleased HR had “heard” them and responded so well. There was 100% workshop involvement and engagement in follow up calls. Participant self-reported use and results on the job.

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Coach the Leader and Equip the Team

Coaching a Marketing Director interested in building a “flagship department” – the model for how to collaborate to get things done.

At the start, his team had no authority, little mindshare, low attendance at meetings, and a strong desire to successfully lead the cross functional initiatives for which they were being held responsible.

We got to know the team before and during workshop sessions. Then, adjusted the approach based on team feedback and ideas; giving them ownership of their development.

Through in-workshop strategizing and application of learning, tools, and methods, the team gained traction and addressed real world challenges.

Result: The team identified and brokered the repair of a fractured relationship between opposing groups.  Through this early win and a persistent focus on developing strategic partnerships, they built trust, earned credibility, and increased support for their efforts.


Not Resting on Their Laurels

The Reserve Club of Woodside Plantation is a lovely facility in Aiken, SC. Sure, turn-over is challenging, there’s stress about profitability, and a few grumbles from members now and again. Isn’t that just the way it goes in hospitality? That excuse won’t fly with this team! They want more for their guests, employees, and business.

The leadership team partnered with Upsurge Advisors to help them grow individually and collectively. 

Every team member completed our Opportunities for GROWTH Assessment to size their situation, and prioritize capabilities and objectives. We used this insight to design a Cultivating Business Relationships program to help the team:

  • Surface behaviors building and destroying trust in their culture

  • Practice communicating to inspire action, asking productive questions, and listening attentively

  • Walk a mile in each other’s shoes; breaking down silos in real-time

  • Create specific plans to apply what they learned to impact the business

  • Generate ideas for new initiatives where learning could be applied to impact business goals

The Results

  • 100% of participants agreed they would use what they learned

  • 100% of participants were confident they could improve interactions and communication between and among stakeholder groups as well as earn trust, respect, and “advisor” status with stakeholders

  • 3 weeks after the workshop, 83% of the participants indicated they had applied what they learned

  • Of those who applied what they learned, 50% were already seeing business results in their area such as a positive impact on member and staff culture, an increase in efficiency and productivity, happier guests, and greater employee motivation.

Upsurge Advisors continues to coach this group and provide accountability as they grow as leaders and cascade what they learned throughout the organization.