The vision of a world in which all leaders treat people as THE priority inspires us to create learning experiences that equip leaders to be better relationship builders.


The first partnership we cultivated was our own!


Nicole De Falco - Partner
Nicole has a knack for coming up with innovative ways to ignite behavior change. Putting the newest learning science, technology, and strategies to work, she finds fresh ways to align people’s knowledge, attitudes, and skills with company objectives so their performance propels business forward.

Nicole has been involved in all aspects of performance improvement consulting including training development, sales, marketing, and delivery. Having led an instructional design department and served as a Vice President on the executive team of an international sales training firm, she understands and can speak to executive level priorities and expectations.

Nicole graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Speech, and received her MBA from the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business.


Dennis McGurer - Partner Emeritus
After decades in corporate leadership, executive coaching, sales management training and team development, Dennis (Denny) has retired. We are grateful beyond measure for his contribution to business, leadership, this company, and every community he has ever been a part of.

Denny spent his career collaborating with executives to establish learning as a strategic lever for the achievement of corporate goals. Professionally and personally, his counsel is sought by those who want to grow, lead, and make a difference.

Denny is always willing to tap into his corporate alliances, strategic partnerships, and personal relationships with renowned marketplace experts to make connections and help leaders and their teams address challenges, meet objectives, and grow professionally.

Currently, he is focused on his family, friends, and serving those around him. If the need arises and we ask nicely, he will take on executive coaching engagements.

All leaders treat people as the priority; consistently cultivating connection and community.
Transform how people lead through soundly strategic, delightfully distinct, and profoundly personal learning experiences.
Transparency. Be brave enough to tell the truth and always be honest.
Relationships. Walk our talk and make cultivating relationships a priority knowing relationships get results.
Uncomplicated. Simple serves. Be pleasant and easy to work with. People are more important than process. 
Seek first to understand before trying to be understood.
Take care. Of each other. Of ourselves. Of our clients.

Supporting Major Brands

  • De-STA-Co

  • HAVI

  • Honours Golf

  • Marathon Oil

  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America

  • Abbott Labs

  • CDK Global

  • Jim Beam

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Strategic Partners

We trust our strategic partners to help us meet your individual and team development needs. We have outstanding relationships with these and other top industry players. You focus your energy on what you need to do. Leave it to us and our top-notch partners to deliver talent development solutions that help your business grow.

  • AchieveCorp

  • Advantage Performance Group

  • Ascendis Learning Connection

  • Aull About You

  • Drake Resources

  • Hogan Assessment Systems

  • Impact Training Solutions

  • Kaiser Leadership Solutions

  • Loral Mountain Solutions

  • Maple & Associates

  • Photos by Alexandria

  • The Ken Blanchard Companies

  • Vautier Communications