4 Ways to Become More Influential at Work

Fact: every initiative completed, metric hit, or change implemented in a business was because of the people involved. Systems, tools, and processes are important. But, they are useless until people put them to work to accomplish something. That's why relationship building isn't one more thing you'll get around to someday. Relationship building is what you do if you want to make a difference for your organization.

Would you like more buy-in and less resistance? Does leading projects feel like you're pushing a boulder uphill alone? Are you tired of developing strategies that never get implemented? Well, this Ascendis Executive Hour podcast is just what you need to hear!

In a lively discussion between Lauren Young of Theory 61 and Nicole DeFalco, Managing Partner of Upsurge Advisors, you will learn four practices you can weave into your everyday interactions to proactively build and deepen stakeholder relationships.