Better Relationships, Better Results

BGSU Board Jan 2018_7.jpg

The foundation

 of success and building shared value lies in managing relationships  

How well is your Board and leadership managing relationships to ensure that the organization  is achieving success and maximizing opportunities?

Upsurge Advisors is working with the Bowling Green State University Alumni Association Board of Directors to develop and implement strategies for connecting and engaging alumni, and equipping leadership to be active partners in promoting university advancement.  

Upsurge Advisors is facilitating a series of workshops with university alumni leadership to:

  • Eliminate "sacred cows"; clearing the way for innovation
  • Build trust
  • Unify around common goals   

Who says board meetings are boring?

Applying design thinking methods, principles from our Cultivating Business Relationships program, and best practices from Crunch Time: How to Be Your Best When it Matters Most,  Upsurge Advisors is helping the directors to drive improvement. The board is tapping into their rich backgrounds and varied strengths. They are reframing current roles and generating strategic plans to help recruit, retain, and recognize alumni.